January 2020

     The spring of 2019 greeted us with some foul May weather for our night fishing. I believe we only ran 4 charters and maybe got out 3 other nights. The muddied shallows along with a lot of debris made fishing nearly impossible and dangerous. For this season instead of scheduling you
to a specific date, I will compile a list of interested anglers who contact me. When I see favorable conditions and am able to pre-fish ahead of time (which will attempt to ensure a successful charter) then I will begin calling that list for your availability. I would hope that I would be able to call you up to 5 days in advance but it could be a much shorter notice, so be
     That shortened night fishing season produced one transmitter tagged walleye. As with all these tagged fish caught over the past few seasons, it was a walleye, native to New York. That spells good news for our fishery and helps dispel the myth that most walleye caught here are migrating from Ohio’s west basin.
     We were expecting a great day bite for our past summer season but never expected to see catches surpassing the record catches of the previous year. The first week was a bit slow but from there out nearly every trip produced limit catches.
     If there is a down side to our tremendous catches it is the time required to clean fish for customers. (If you have ever been on an Ohio charter; few, if any, charters offer this service)
     I’ve had days in which I’ve spent more than 3 hours to clean fish, clean boat and fillet table, and dispose of fish remains. In an attempt to shorten days for this “old” fisherman I am making
several changes.
     1. I will offer 2 different day trips for 3 people rather than 4. One of those will have a mate aboard to help with fishing/cleaning. *NOTE* There is still a trip available for 4 people without a mate.
     2. I will be scheduling Tuesdays/Wednesdays off. If you are a past customer and you are only available on those days, I will schedule that for you. Otherwise, for new customers, there will be a $75 upcharge on those days.
     If you are in need of lodging for your fishing trip, we have a 30’ RV on our property by the lake that is available for fishing charters only, not as a vacation rental. Please contact us for details.
     Be sure to refer to the ‘Your Trip’ page and refresh yourself on important information on sea sickness.

Wishing you fishing success in 2020.
Captain Fred Forsythe
Cast Away Charters